4 Things You Can Do at a Ski Resort in the Summer

4 Things You Can Do at a Ski Resort in the Summer

Did you know ski resorts provide plenty of fun year-round? Just because the snow has melted doesn’t mean the mountainside doesn’t offer lots to explore. Check out four things you can do at a ski resort in the summer and plan a memorable upcoming vacation.

Nature Exploration

Flowers bloom, greenery thrives, and wildlife emerges from hiding when the snow melts and warm temperature rise. In summer, the mountains come to life with bustling outdoor landscapes. The Colorado mountains are home to many amazing creatures and plants worth witnessing, from marmots and bighorn sheep to holly ferns and vibrant geraniums.

Ski resorts provide you with plenty of opportunities and the perfect outdoor setting for nature exploration in the summer. Instead of conquering snowy ski slopes and runs, you get to take on multiple nature trails and hiking paths with scenic views.

Outdoor Recreation

Swap your skis for mountain bikes, fishing poles, and kayaks. Ski resorts in the summertime become a hub for outdoor recreational activities. The thriving landscapes provide a natural playground suitable for an array of adventures under the sun.

Cool down from the summer heat by taking a dip in the icy cool lakes and rivers fed by the melted snow. Ride through the hilly mountainsides on a bike or ATV. Get your adrenaline fix with a whitewater rafting adventure. Ski resorts organize lots of outdoor activities to try.

Spa Experiences

Spas are a quintessential component of ski resorts, adding to the luxuriousness of your stay. Resort spas continue to operate just like any other day, come snow, rain, or sunshine. A trip to the spa is a great way to rejuvenate when you need to take a break from your outdoor adventures. Resort spas know just how to take care of you in any season, from hot stone massages to facial treatments.

Country Club Luxuries

Along with spa services, ski resorts also commonly provide classic country club luxuries like well-manicured golf courses and fine-dining options. If you are looking for a more laid-back and luxurious vacation opportunity, the resort’s country club is the place to go.

On top of providing golf holes and extravagant meals, country clubs also offer hosted social events, swimming pools, and tennis courts. Indulge in luxury this summer by getting a ride to, from, and around the mountains with a luxury transportation service, and making the most of the ski resort’s country clubs.

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