Private Transportation: Getting From Denver to Vail Safely

Private Transportation: Getting From Denver to Vail Safely


Vail’s mountainous location makes it a great spot for winter sports, but it also makes it a tricky town to get to easily. Landing in Eagle County Regional Airport gets you closest to Vail. However, the airport is only open during certain times of the week, features only one major runway, and accepts limited airlines. The best method to get to Vail involves flying into Denver International Airport and making the rest of the trip on land, which equates to roughly a two-hour drive.

Traveling to Vail still comes with a couple of challenges, from weather conditions to tough terrain, even when making the journey by road. Here are some tips for getting from Denver to Vail safely and why hiring private transportation is the safest way into and out of town.

Navigating Steep Elevation Drops

Vail’s popularity derives from its famous skiing playground, featuring adrenaline-inducing slopes and legendary black-diamond runs in its back bowls. To cruise down the slopes, you have to get to the top.

Driving into Vail involves navigating around steep elevation drops as you ride higher into the mountains. Some elevated passes along the road include large grade shifts, forming tall and steep drops along the side of the winding road into town. Although I-70 gives you plenty of road room, many drivers unfamiliar with the terrain find it a challenging drive, especially when they’re also faced with altitude and motion sickness. Driving at a comfortable speed and staying on the inner lanes will keep you safe from the drops.

Driving in Colorado Winter Conditions

Colorado winters extend from late October to May, with February taking top spot as the snowiest month. Although the cold and snow make for great skiing conditions, they worsen driving circumstances.

Between foggy fields of vision to slick, icy roads, winter driving conditions are difficult to navigate, especially if you are unfamiliar with such circumstances. Driving safely in Colorado during winter involves equipping your vehicle with high-traction wheels, reliable break systems, updated heating controls, and many other winterproofing properties.

Dealing With Ski Season and Construction Traffic

Construction and traffic are huge inconveniences, making you spend more time in the car than you originally intended. They also increase the dangers of driving. More people sharing the road heightens the chance of collisions, and construction zones limit road space.

On the way to Vail, you may come across ski season traffic and Vail Pass’s infamous (and seemingly constant) construction and roadwork. Driving slow, staying aware of your surroundings, and planning ahead for such obstacles will help you better prepare and stay safe on the drive into town.

Hiring a private airport car service makes sure you get from Denver to Vail safely. As frequent drivers in the area, private transportation chauffeurs are highly-skilled when navigating the mountainous and elevated roads. They know all the possible route options to avoid traffic and construction and how to navigate such obstacles safely. They are familiar with driving in local weather conditions. Plus, private transportation services use vehicles that are well-equipped for the terrain, weather, and long road trip. Booking a ride from Denver to Vail with Epic Limo Services’ airport transportation takes care of all the driving hassles and keeps you in safe hands when en route to your destinations.