No matter the reason for your visit to Vail—skiing, work obligation, outdoor adventures—transportation plays an important role when visiting a new town. How you travel affects where you visit, what you can access, and your general experience. Hiring private transportation offers more benefits than other forms of travel, from luxury treatment to reliable rides. Hiring a private transportation service is the best way to get around in Vail, Colorado, and here’s why.

Weather and Location Expertise

Vail stretches along the base of many mountainscapes. Although the I-70 highway runs past it, the multiple town exits, winding neighborhoods, and tourist traffic make it hard to navigate. Driving becomes even more of a challenge when icy and snowy weather accumulates in winter.

Private transportation services are experts in their field and the local community. They are familiar with the roads, driving conditions, and traffic patterns. The expert drivers hired by private transportation services guarantee safe, timely, and enjoyable rides to the airport, events, and anywhere you want to go.

Pedestrian-Only Villages

Vail is comprised of three connecting villages: Vail Village, Lionshead, and Golden Peak. All three are pedestrian-only zones—with exceptions to public transportation—due to the limited land and quiet and quaint nature of mountain living.

Renting a car adds up quickly between the rental charges, gas, parking, and insurance. There’s not a lot of driving to do if you stay in town. Hiring a private transportation service covers any excursions, from airport trips to events in the confined parts of town. Event transportation services give you luxurious and reliable rides to conferences, weddings, other celebrations, and conventions. They enhance your travel experience and save you from spending on a rental that’ll rack up money in the parking lot.

Long-Distance Airport Trips

Vail’s mountainous surroundings make it a cramped destination for planes. There isn’t enough flat space for landing and launching. Eagle Regional Airport and the Denver International Airport are nearest to Vail, which are both a good drive away from the heart of Vail.

Whether you fly into Denver and take the hour-plus trip into town or the 30-minute drive from Eagle, both road trips are quite the hike, especially after a long flight. Hiring a private transportation service makes those long trips to and from the airport less stressful. It allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride to your destination with timeliness and added luxuries, from onboard Wi-Fi to drinks.

You should hire a private transportation service in Vail for many reasons, from putting yourself in the care of local experts to saving money on a rental you’ll hardly use. At Epic Limo, our services provide high-quality, private Vail transportation with updated vehicles, luxury amenities, and more. Rent a ride with us today and make the most of your time in Vail without worrying about transportation.