5 Things You Need When Planning a Conference in Vail

5 Things You Need When Planning a Conference in Vail

Conferences bring people with similar interests, job fields, and hobbies together. They include jam-packed schedules lined with meetings, speeches, event entertainment, and networking. They provide lots of different opportunities that cater to people’s interests.

Vail offers a great conference location for many communities, from small and large business associations to outdoor enthusiasts and artists. It provides lots of accommodations, food options, and different spaces to explore. No matter the reason behind the convention or event types, here are five things you need when planning any conference in Vail.

1. Venue Location

Venues provide you with a center of operations. It’s where the main bulk of the conference takes place, making it an essential component of planning a convention. Some key factors to look for in an ideal venue location include:

  • Spacious open-room layouts
  • Multiple seating options
  • Easily accessible amenities (bathrooms)
  • Disability accommodations
  • Convenient location placement
  • Different setup options
  • Technology compatibility

Without a venue, there is no conference. Vail offers plenty of venue locations, from ski resorts and hotels to vast outdoor spaces, that provide the perfect space for any convention.

2. Event Permits

Vail requires special permits for any major event that involves or impacts the public community. There are multiple types of required permits, including:

  • General event permission
  • Liquor licenses
  • Banner reservations
  • Photography and video permission
  • Temporary tent permits
  • Business promotion

After securing a location, file for your appropriate permits with Vail’s town staff to make sure your conference meets local ordinances for safe and successful event practices.

3. Food Vendors

No matter the length of the conference, food and beverages are necessities for any event. They make sure people stay fueled and energized throughout the event. Vail offers multiple top restaurant options, providing lots of different catering and food vendor options to host at your conference. Working with local businesses to accompany your conference allows you to further treat your guests to the many wonders of the local area while also giving back to the community.

4. Zero-Waste Initiatives

Did you know that Vail is a certified sustainable destination? As a means to maintain Vail’s gorgeous outdoor environments, the Town of Vail provides multiple different sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives. To keep local events zero-waste and sustainable, Vail offers partnerships with local waste diversion services. Working with sustainable partners and businesses for your conference allows you to play a part in keeping Vail green and beautiful.

5. Transportation Services

No matter the attendance at your conference, transportation services will make a huge difference in the success of your convention. Hiring reliable event transportation services mitigates traffic, reduces parking issues, enhances guest experiences, and helps guests make their way to your conference with ease. Epic Limo Services offers transportation options for multiple types of events, from conference and convention rides to wedding transportation. We’ll make sure your event guests arrive and leave safely, promptly, and happily.

If you are planning an upcoming conference in Vail, keep these five tips in mind. Finding the perfect venue, getting your appropriate permits, hiring food vendors, following sustainable initiatives, and working with event transportation services makes sure your convention is a successful hit.