Visiting Steamboat Springs? Here’s What To Expect

Visiting Steamboat Springs? Here’s What To Expect

Colorado is home to many alpine towns worth visiting. Each mountain community embodies rich cultures, quality ski slopes, and a vast outdoor playground to explore. Steamboat Springs is no exception. Whether you are planning a family holiday or a business trip, no matter your reason for visiting Steamboat Springs, here’s what to expect on your trip into town.

Key Attractions in Steamboat Springs

Steamboat Springs offers multiple ways to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. During the winter months, Steamboat Ski Resort gives you access to a whole mountain range with around 170 runs to explore and trademark powder on the slopes. In off-seasons, you can relish the sunshine out on a golf course, horseback riding, and at Burgess Creek Beach.

Take your adventures to the sky with Steamboat’s famous gondola ride and witness Mt. Werner and Yampa Valley from above. Unwind and soak in natural hot spring pools at Strawberry Park. Hike up various trails to Steamboat’s popular Fish Creek Falls—a 280-foot-tall waterfall nestled in the Routt National Forest. Steamboat Springs offers plenty of key attractions to experience.

Steamboat Springs’ Western Charm

Did you know Steamboat is an active cowboy town? Steamboat keeps the American Wild West culture thriving in many ways, from working ranches to pro rodeos. While out and about in town, the chances of running into a cowboy are high. If you want to dip your toes in the western charm, Steamboat offers lots of stores that’ll gear you up for the job and ranches looking for some extra hands.

Traveling to Steamboat Springs

Traveling to any alpine town involves a bit of an adventure. Like many of the other smaller regional airports, Yampa Valley Airport only takes a handful of airlines and flights, limiting your travel options. Most people opt to fly in from Denver and make the rest of the journey by car.

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Now that you know what to expect when visiting Steamboat Springs, plan your trip today and hire Epic Limo as your trusted ride into, around, and out of town.