After spending time stuck in a plane, viewing clouds and the interior of a metal construction, feasting your eyes on breathtaking landscapes gives you a welcome treat. The Colorado mountains provide you with lots of scenic views to take in. Along the roadsides and in between towns, you can see many different things when leaving Eagle Airport and making your way to your desired mountaintop town.

1. Horn Ranch Conservation

As a major local attraction, Vail and nearby towns put in the effort to conserve outdoor spaces. The mountain towns keep their wildlife green, thriving, and a beautiful sight to see. As you depart Eagle Aiport and head east, along I-70, you come across large patches of conserved land, including Horn Ranch conservation.

Horn Ranch is in the heart of the popular Red Canyon Valley, famous for its vibrant-colored sandstone cliffs. On top of crimson mountainsides, Horn Ranch conservation also features sprawling meadows that are often speckled with wild elk, streams, and historical remnants.

2. Mountain Corridor

Whether you are embarking toward Aspen or Vail, I-70 will take you there. However, this interstate isn’t like others in the country. On either side of the road, mountains greet you.

I-70’s mountain corridor is one of the most popular attractions in the local area. As you make your way across the interstate, you get to enjoy the stunning views of mountains blending into one another, capturing your attention with their grandness and tranquil appearance.

3. Eagle River

Eagle River, a tributary of the Colorado River, meanders through the mountains and alongside I-70. The flowing waters enhance the local scenery, creating another appealing attraction to look out at. The river, paired with the mountains and sprawling untouched meadows, looks like a scene straight from a movie or meditation video. In winter, parts of the river freeze over, giving you majestic ice formations to marvel at.

Make your long drives to the mountain towns more entertaining with the stunning views outside your window. You can see plenty of different things when leaving Eagle Airport, making your road trips and trek down I-70 an experience rather than just a drive.

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