Vail, Colorado’s fame stems from its Black Bowls, Rocky Mountains playground, and ski lifestyle. However, not all who visit this travel hot spot come just to play. With its luxury amenities and many things to do, people often book a visit to Vail for work expenses too.

Vail is the place to go for team bonding experiences, networking with prominent people, hosting and attending conferences, and impressing future partners. No matter the reason for working in this luxurious mountain town, here are five tips for a successful business trip in Vail, Colorado.

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Vail is the mountainside that doesn’t sleep. There’s so much to do and see year-round, from outdoor sights and activities to resort and luxury living. Plan your trip ahead of time—research local attractions, block out your days, and list the things you want to see and do—to best maximize your time in town. It ensures you make the most of your visit and enjoy both work and play.

2. Book a Hotel in the Villages

Resorts are the go-to accommodations for skiers looking for easy mountain access and those who want to indulge in various leisure amenities. However, Vail offers a lot more overnight options to consider. If you don’t plan on hitting the slopes frequently, book a hotel in the villages. A room in the heart of one of Vail’s many quaint and bustling towns sets you up with easy access to a variety of restaurants, shops, and places to explore, all within walking distance.

3. Avoid Peak Tourist Season

Certain months and seasons throughout the year fill the streets of Vail with an abundance of people. The influx of visitors makes booking accommodations, venues, and restaurants a more strenuous experience. Book your trip during off-seasons to expedite the travel planning process and ensure you get access to all the best conveniences.

4. Pack Some Outdoor Gear

When in Vail, you can definitely count on time outside. From the outdoor-centered activities and attractions to the pedestrian-heavy streets, Vail forces you to get plenty of fresh air. Make sure to pack some appropriate outdoor gear, like windbreakers, comfortable footwear, and hats—alongside your work attire—to better enjoy your time out and about in Vail.

5. Rent a Limo Service

Sorting out car rentals and transportation accommodations for a group of people quickly gets complicated and costly. Instead of leaving you and your coworkers to fend for yourselves with transportation and coordinating rides, rent a limo service. At Epic Limo, we provide limo services in Vail that can transport your team to your meetings in a timely and fashionable manner. We’ll make sure you make great first impressions, travel as a group, indulge in luxury services, and make it to your destination.

Enjoy a successful business trip to Vail, Colorado, with these five tips and tricks. From proper pre-flight planning to limo rentals, there are many ways to ensure your business trip goes smoothly. Whether you are visiting for work or play, Vail is a great place to be.