This Spring Brake its gonna be very unpredictable due to the on line classes and schools not having students in person. The information we are getting from many of our guests is that this year we might not have a real spring brake like previous years. Is that mean less tourists in March from out of State or the tables will turn and people and there families will decide to travel for skiing this March, we can’t say for sure. The beginning of March looks not great but almost every year its the same scenario. Slow start of March will bring busy middle and end of March. We hope that a lot of tourists from Mexico will show up before Easter. Mexican tourists play a big roll in Vail’s economy. They spent a lot of money on lodging and restaurants and like to visit specifically in March due to the warm weather and spring skiing conditions.
Major factor for Vail Valley is Easter week. Usually Vail Mountain closes a week after Easter. This Year Easter falls on the early side so it means early closer of the Vail Mountain. Lets Hope for the best and be grateful for the winter season so far.
Hope to see many new tourists and first timers this March.