The best way to get to Vail and other mountain towns involves flying into either the Eagle (EGE) or Denver (DEN, colloquially known as DIA) airport. Both are well-known operating airports that partner with many of the major US airlines, from United to American. Discover the advantages of Eagle Airport compared to Denver Airport and decide on the best way to get you to the Colorado mountains.

Less Airport Traffic and Navigation

DEN is a major international airport—the largest in the US and one of the busiest in the world. Every day countless flights leave and enter Denver. Large crowds of travelers looking for connecting flights, navigating layovers, and heading abroad populate every inch of the airport. To accommodate the large influx of visitors and airlines, DEN spans over 53 square miles.

On the other hand, EGE is a smaller regional airport with only 12 domestic flight routes. Although more limited in destinations and connecting airports, EGE’s small size is easier to navigate and guarantees less airport traffic. At Eagle, security lines move faster, you can find your gate more easily, and you don’t have to deal with getting through large crowds when walking around.

Efficient Check-Ins and Baggage Claims

Are you a baggage-heavy traveler? Between your skis or outdoor hiking gear and your basic trip necessities, it’s not easy to travel to the mountains with just a carry-on, especially in winter—aside from toting sports equipment, cold weather clothing is just plain bulky and takes up more room. EGE’s smaller size and visitor population make checking in and claiming baggage much more efficient than in DEN.

Checking a bag at DEN involves long lines and endless searching for baggage carousels. With less airport traffic and a smaller airport size, EGE’s check-in and baggage claim process is much less stressful and more streamlined. Plus, EGE services are more hospitable and personalized because fewer people need attention, allowing workers to spend quality time looking after your needs.

Scenic Landing and Take-Off Views

EGE is right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, meaning that flying into and out of Eagle comes with some spectacular mountainous views. Through the plane window, you can indulge in the natural geographic beauty of the local area, from the high mountain peaks to the luscious nature conservations. With EGE, you get to start and end your trip with a view.

Close Proximity to Mountain Towns

Eagle Airport’s mountain-top location offers more than just scenic landing and take-off views. EGE’s placement is near all your favorite Colorado mountain towns, like Vail and Beaver Creek. Flying into Denver leaves you with over an hour-long car ride to get to those destinations. With EGE, you can cut down your travel time considerably and make it more enjoyable, especially when you ride with Epic Limo.

Our car services at Eagle Vail Airport will take you straight from the airport to your mountain town destination in comfort, style, and ease. We’ll make your journey even more relaxing as our chauffeurs take care of all your transportation needs.

The many advantages of Eagle Airport compared to Denver Airport illustrate how to drastically improve your travel experience. Whether you decide to reap the rewards of flying to and from EGE or plan to stick with Denver, Epic Limo is here to help with all your airport transportation needs. We offer multiple airport transportation services in the area, with our main operations at Eagle. Check out our services and book your next airport ride.