Top 5 Activities To Do in Vail for Non-Skiers

Top 5 Activities To Do in Vail for Non-Skiers


Vail gains its popularity for its spectacular black bowls and skiing scene. However, shredding the snow isn’t for everyone. Luckily, there’s more to this mountain winter wonderland. Here are the top five activities to do in Vail for non-skiers looking to enjoy the wonders of this picturesque Colorado town.

1. Explore Vail Village

Step into a fairy tale with a trip to Vail Village. Between the old English architectural influences to the cobblestone streets and mountainscape backdrop, Vail Village looks like a cozy storybook town. It especially radiates a magical essence in wintertime, with snow and twinkling lights. There are many places to explore in the village, from local shops to delicious restaurants. After you conquer Vail Village, head on over to Vail’s other central hamlet, Lionshead, for more shopping, dining, and exploration.

2. Rejuvenate at a Resort Spa

Ski resorts offer more than just equipment rentals, mountain access, and a place to stay. They provide a luxury experience. Vail is home to many resorts and luxury spas to keep your body—and mind—in top shape. They provide massages, body treatments, facials, and more rejuvenating remedies. Don’t let the cold or lack of skiing interest stop you from enjoying your wintery vacation in the mountains, and unwind with some self-care at a local spa.

3. Snowshoe Around Nature

Vail’s mountainside winter playground houses many opportunities to play in the cold outdoors besides skiing. In the warmer months, Vail’s natural landscape offers multiple hiking paths to explore. You’ll come across different wildlife and tundra ecosystems in action, so going on a winter hike in Vail still offers a memorable experience. Instead of skiing down the landscapes, relish a snowshoe stroll around nature and immerse yourself in the geographic wonders of Vail.

4. Glide and Slide in Ice Skates

Ice skating is a classic and fun winter activity. Compared with skiing down slopes and navigating mountainsides, casual ice skating comes with fewer risks. It’s more supervised and comes with a more controlled environment. There are many public rinks in Vail to explore, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy some glides and slides on ice.

5. Race Down Hills in a Snow Tube

Do you still want to make the most of the Rocky Mountain slopes? Instead of trying to coordinate your feet in skis, sit back or lay down on a tube and race your loved ones down hills. Snow tubing gives you a rush of adrenaline, quality time in the snow, and a less physically demanding way to spend time outdoors.

Vail might be a hot spot for skiers, but it also offers so much more to explore. These top five activities to do in Vail for non-skiers allow you to still enjoy the magnificent mountainscape Vail provides without a pair of skis in hand.

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