The Difference Between Private and Shared Airport Shuttles

The Difference Between Private and Shared Airport Shuttles


Airplanes transport you long distances—taking you from one state or province to another. Sometimes they help you cross oceans and countries, but what happens once you land?

Airport transportation completes the last leg of your travels. Making sure to pick the right ground transportation for your trip ensures your excursion away begins and ends in comfort and style. Here are some differences between private and shared airport shuttles to consider and which of the two transportation methods offer the most benefits.

Comfort Perks

One of the biggest debates between private and shared shuttles is cost. However, when you break down what you pay for, the cost of a private shuttle is worth the expense. Private transportation services offer more than just a ride to your destination; they offer various comfort perks that improve your travel experience.

Private shuttles include:

  • Beverage services on request
  • Onboard WiFi
  • Temperature control abilities
  • Comfier seating
  • Upgraded vehicles
  • More personal space

Because they provide more to the travel experience, they make great options for long-haul rides to your final destination. Shared shuttles, on the other hand, supply the bare minimum. Long-distance road trips in uncomfortable seating, temperamental atmospheres, and crowded spaces make the journey feel more exhausting.

Travel Time

Shared airport shuttles cater to many individuals. They cover multiple final destinations to try to adhere to the general needs of their riders. Shared transportation takes more time between the various stops and wait times taken for onboarding and exiting.

Meanwhile, private airport shuttles cater only to you. They take you directly to your desired location, eliminating unnecessary stops on your path. They save you travel time and get you to your arrival destination as soon as possible.

Reliable Rides

Shared shuttles operate on a set schedule, spending a certain amount of time at arrival points before taking off. Missing their window of time for onboarding leaves you waiting anywhere from five minutes to an hour for the next shuttle. Plus, depending on the weather, traffic, and other unforeseeable travel delays, they don’t always arrive as planned, further adding wait time.

Private airport rides begin and end the trip with you. They run on your schedule, providing a more reliable form of transportation than their shared alternatives. To top it all off, they guarantee added security. Instead of sharing the vehicle with strangers, private rides simply include you, your party, and a trusted professional driver. They make sure you and your luggage are safe, providing secure and reliable modes of travel.

Knowing the differences between private and shared airport shuttles allows you to plan a more successful trip based on your travel needs and preferences. If you are heading to Vail, CO, for a mountain getaway, give Epic Limo a call for reliable and luxurious airport transportation services. We provide private shuttle and limo rides that make your trip to and from your final destination a smooth journey. Enjoy your travel experience with us and savor the benefits of private transportation.