Top Reasons To Travel To Vail Over the Holidays

Top Reasons To Travel To Vail Over the Holidays


Are you ready for the holidays? Each year ends with a row of festive celebrations, counting down the year’s last leg of the race. Between vacation time, school breaks, and winter sports, there are numerous reasons why people take off and enjoy a holiday away in December. Colorado is one of the best places for winter travel over the holidays. More specifically, Vail, and here are the top reasons why.

Ski Resorts

Part of the famous Rocky Mountain peninsula resides in Colorado, making it one of the best states for skiing and snowboarding. Like Aspen, Vail charts the leaderboards in providing high-rated black bowls and luxury ski resorts. For sunbirds looking to escape the heat and enjoy the snow, heading to the mountains sits high on their bucket list.

Vail Ski Resort is one of the largest ski spots in the US. It covers around 5,289 acres, featuring seven bowls and plenty of slopes to run. On top of providing an enormous winter playground, Vail Ski Resort also provides luxury accommodations, dining options, holiday events, and various other amenities, from shopping options to spas. Plus, they offer skiing and snowboarding lessons, welcoming those visiting with children and beginners.

Outdoor Adventures

Vail’s outdoor adventures don’t just start and stop on the slopes. Its high altitude makes it a wonderland for many other winter activities, including:

  • Ice skating
  • Ice fishing
  • Sledding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Snowshoeing

Vail’s expansive outdoor space provides a grand snowscape playground fit for a wide variety of winter fun and holiday memories.

Winter Wonderland Scenery

Many dream of a white Christmas. Popular holiday movies and shows take place in a winter wonderland, making snow associated with the holiday season. The ice and snow make everything seem delicate, glistening, and magical, in tune with the festive spirit. Vail’s high elevation and mountain-side placement make snow a frequent visitor that casts the town in a soft veil of powder.

Rain, sun, or snow, Vail’s geographical surroundings feature breathtaking outdoor scenery, from the grande mountains to the endless nature reserves, lakes, and streams. When sprinkled with fresh snow, those natural wonders transform into a winter wonderland worth witnessing.

Mountain Lifestyle

The mountain lifestyle is a favorite in the eyes of many. Unlike city life, the mountains embrace you and help promote a slower, more nature-centered lifestyle. Life in the mountains means cozy fires, a view that continues to take people’s breath away, and intimate communities. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, escaping to the mountains gives you moments of peace in a cozy cabin – or resort – and the heartwarming atmosphere of a tight-knit small town spreading the Christmas cheer.

Vail offers many benefits and reasons to visit during the holidays. Whether you want to hit the slopes or get cozy in the tranquility of the mountains, make sure to reach out to us at Epic Limo Services for private Vail Eagle Airport transportation. We’ll ensure your vacation starts and ends smoothly, providing you with safe winter travels and more.